CV003 - Piezo & Clearlight - Pripyat EP (Deluxe Edition) (12" Vinyl)

from Circle Vision

Cat Nr: CV003
Artist: Piezo & Clearlight
Format: 12″ 140g. (Limited)
Release Date: 16/03/2015


A1. Piezo & Clearlight - Pripyat Dub
A2. Piezo - Scourge
B1. Clearlight - Fallen Soul
B2. Piezo - Here Comes The Toxic Rain
B3. Clearlight - Punarbhava

The EP tells the story of the Chernovbil nuclear disaster and its aftermaths on the near town of Pripyat (now a ghost city).

The special edition of 50 copies with deluxe artwork curated by italian photographers/sound artists Mount Fog and printed by independent publisher Aalphabet.

It features a hand-numbered, hi-quality offset print on 350gr Fedrigoni paper plus a folded poster with original photos that follow the music of the EP on this apocalyptic story telling.

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Circle Vision Copenhagen, Denmark

Limited vinyl label based in Copenhagen.

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